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Sunday, June 20th

In the third sermon in our June Movie Month Series, Pastor Paul talks about the film Dead Poet’s Society alongside of Mark 7:1-13. In this sermon, Pastor Paul talks about how our purpose – living out the love of Christ – always should be considered more important than upholding human traditions.

Sunday, June 13th

In this sermon, Pastor Paul looks at the movie Up and a passage from Deuteronomy 30. Paul considers how all too often we are distracted by our someday plans and future goals that we end up missing out on the life happening right in front of us.

Sunday, June 6th

In the first sermon in our June Movie Month Series, Pastor Paul looks at Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith along with Galatians 6:1-10 and considers what we might learn about the battle between good and evil.

Sunday, May 30th

In this sermon entitled, “Not a Bystander Faith,” Pastor Paul talks about a psychological/sociological phenomenon called the bystander effect, and how – as seen through the prophet Isaiah – our faith should encourage us to cry out, “Send me, Lord!”

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