Our Music

The best way to learn about our music is to experience it!

The music in our worship services is typically more traditional. We have a chancel choir and a bell choir, we sing from a hymnal, and within the service you will ussually hear a pipe organ, a piano, and violin.

But, we try to mix things up. So, you will also occasionally hear guitars and other instruments, upbeat music to contemplative music, and a variety of genres from gospel to blues.

Get involved!

There are many opportunities for involvement in our music and worship at Central Christian Church. The Central Bel Canto Bell Choir meets at 6:30pm and the Chancel Choir meets at 7:30pm on Thursdays.

Our Choir performing for the sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, IN.

Special music solos and ensembles are also part of our worship services. We have a very talented Church, so it is very common for our members to sing, play instruments, dance, or ASL for our worship services. Check out this song performed by one of our members!

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